Nail Nudie Perfection

Essie has done it again…The perfect polish for anyone and everyone. This new polish MAMBA is my new go-to polish.

Why I love it…

  • Perfect for work
  • Perfect for going out
  • Classy and sophisticated while still sexy
  • One coat does it for those busy days
  • Will match anything you wear
  • Looks great under a sparkle or glitter polish

Color Description…Neutral, pink undertone


(This is just one coat and no top layer..So it gets better)

Don’t let the color you see in the bottle fool you, try it on.  I would have never bought or tried this color, but I saw it on someone and had to ask and now I want to share it with you! Stay tuned for my manicure essentials post which will give you a list of some great products that will give you the best at home mani!

xo Rochelle



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