Waxing 101

imageEven though summer might be coming to an end and our daily apparael is no longer our favorite swim suit there is one area that needs love and attention all year long. Thats where waxing becomes your best friend. I have even somehow become my own waxer and i’m definitely not saying that is for everyone but I do insist you try just in case you are ever in need. You can be your own hero and it’s good to have options. If you decide to break up with your razor and start a new longer lasting, hairless relationship, here are some tips that might help.

  • Be patient… Let your hair grow out (I think at least 3 weeks before your first time) and after that make this a part of your life and get in a routine… Don’t give in and shave, you’ll have to start all over every time. Use your tweezers in between as needed but if you want to get the  full benefits of waxing you are going to be in a fully committed relationship. No cheating with your razor.
  • Pick a wax or a professional that you like and are comfortable with. As if taking hot wax to your skin and the pain doesn’t stress you out enough, going to someone who you’re scared of or doesn’t sweet talk you through it can literally scar you for life both mentally and physically. As for picking out a wax you can use at home, do your research. Buy the smallest amount available to try and always do a test strip on your hand or leg beforehand. If it’s too sticky or hard to use start over because waxing down there is a whole different beast.
  • Prep your skin… At least 24 hrs before your appointment exfoliate, but not the same day as you want to eliminate excess irritation. Don’t apply any oils or lotions either that will not help the cause. Baby powder can always be used to soak up any natural oils left behind and if you’re going to see your esthetician make sure to shower its only nice. Hydrate yourself. Not with caffeine or stimulants cause they will tighten your pores making it hard to get the best results. Drink WATER!
  • As if I needed another excuse not to workout… heading to the gym or going on a hike should be put on hold for at least 24hrs post wax. Keep your area clean and wear breathable clothing. It can help with irritation, unwanted infections and just keeps you more comfy.
  • Too booze or not to booze…. I’ve heard of people having a drink, or popping an ibuprofen or whatever they think will ease the pain and I say do it. Some places have numbing cream but you’re not going in for a relaxing facial so if you need a lil assistance there is no proven harm. Now if alcohol tends to irritate your skin or cause excessive redness, you might want stay away from that remedy.
  • No bumps please… Always apply something soothing to help calm the skin. And if your prone to ingrown hairs try Bliss Ingrown Eliminating pads. An easy must have.

Remember these tips can be applied to waxing any part of your body. Be careful if you try this at home, you can burn yourself. Always do a test strip on a less sensitive area.

Green tip for waxing at home:

No need to buy the pre-cut strips every time. If you have old sheets or you can  buy new cheap ones cut them into different sizes that fit your waxing needs and to clean soak them in hot water and then run through the washing machine.

Xo Rochelle


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