Soft Hair…You’ll Care

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Short, long, straight or curly, everyone wants soft silky looking hair that is easy to brush and tame. With having long thick hair myself and not being the girl who loves to spend hours on it, I had been searching for a fix that would leave my hair soft and tangle free but not weigh it down or leave it oily. After years of trying anything that was suggested or new on the shelves I found exactly what I had been looking for. Two products by it’s a 10, taking another chance on the two small bottles being featured as I was checking out, the miracle dry oil spray plus keratin  and also it’s a 10 miracle leave-in product both made me a believer that I can have soft hair without having to wash it everyday. After weeks of using these two different sprays I was so excited that, One-they still worked and it wasn’t just that I was trying something new and TWO- it was so easy that I didn’t even get too lazy to stop. I highly recommend you to add this to your hair regimen, couple sprays will leave your mane soft and silky and is affordable for everyone to enjoy.


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My Routine: After showering I  spray a couple spritzs of the miracle leave-in product  all over your mane ( I like to throw my hair upside down and spray all over so I can get the back too) and then comb through with ease. Then once parted and air dried a lil I spray the miracle dry oil spray on the ends and kind of massage it in. Style and dry as usual

Hope you love it xo Rochelle

Find out where they sell it close to you here :



One thought on “Soft Hair…You’ll Care

  1. Perfect timing on this post! I was in need of new hair care and wanted to try something different. I bought and used these products plus their conditioner yesterday and am LOVING how my hair looks and feels today. I didn’t even change my hair regimen. You ladies are tastemakers in every way!


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